Alliance 2020

Alliance 2020

Alliance 2020

Tenant Screening Application Development for Alliance 2020

The Alliance 2020, a prominent background screening company based in Washington, sought a tailored web application to efficiently generate and oversee tenant applications for diverse screening services. This web application, provided by Intellectyx, addresses the complexities of creating and managing applications for background screening, customized to meet unique customer requirements. The challenge faced by Alliance 2020 was not only in customizing each application for different screening services but also in centralizing access to all applications. Intellectyx’s solution offers a user-friendly platform with key features, including customizable documents, criteria, and email templates, catering to specific client needs. Users can effortlessly manage associated roles, such as managers, property owners, and chauffeurs. The application provides flexibility for consumers to customize applications and screening services, ensuring a dynamic interface for seamless information input and payment handling. A review section allows applicants to review and modify entered information before submission, and users can download, and view submitted information and attachments. These enhancements establish a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for managing diverse screening service applications, prioritizing convenience for all users.




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