Kent County Sheriff’s Office

Kent County Sheriff’s Office

Kent County

Website Data Dashboard Development

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department aimed to enhance public access to crucial statistics by building 14 dashboards for their website, Collaborating with Kent County IT, Intellectyx developed three visually engaging and ADA-compliant dashboards using Power BI. The project ensured mobile responsiveness, scalability, and usability on major browsers, promoting widespread accessibility.


Key project objectives included implementing a robust data model for longitudinal analysis and adhering to best practices for data organization. The team meticulously followed Kent County IT’s security procedures, accessing internal data remotely and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements for handling sensitive data. The result was a set of standardized dashboards offering insights into crime trends, jail population, and dispatch performance. The dashboards facilitated ad-hoc report generation for Sheriff Department staff, promoting a continuous feedback loop for informed decision-making. The project achieved its goals of data refresh, ADA compliance, and restriction-free dashboards, enhancing transparency and public engagement for the Kent County Sheriff’s Department.


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