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What is Amazon Lex?.

Amazon Lex is an AWS service for building conversational interfaces for applications using voice and text. Amazon Lex uses the same conversational engine that powers Amazon Alexa is now available to any developer, enabling them to build sophisticated natural language chatbots into any new or existing applications. Amazon Lex manages the dialogue and dynamically adjusts the responses in the conversation. Using the console developers can build, test, and publish the text or voice chatbot.

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  • SDK support – You can build iOS, Android, Java, JavaScript, Python, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Go, and C++ bots that span mobile, web, desktop, and IoT platforms.
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech and text support
  • Utterance Monitoring
  • AWS lambda integration
  • SaaS Connectors
  • Mobile integration
  • Complex web integration.
  • Less deployment channels.
  • Lex in not multilingual, supports only English.
  • Preparation of data set is complicated; the utterances and entities mapping is somewhat critical.