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Babies Count

babies count

Website and Web Application Development

Babies Count, a national US registry, required a web application to efficiently manage epidemiologic and demographic data for blind or visually impaired infants and toddlers aged birth to 36 months. The challenge was to facilitate online and offline survey submissions, ensuring centralized accessibility. Intellectyx addressed this by developing a comprehensive, inclusive web application prioritizing accessibility and data collection. Key features include the management of participating state organizations, agency control, and service provider collaboration. The platform is designed for users with visual impairments, ensuring screen reader compatibility and keyboard navigation. The application allows users to download reports, analyze data, and conduct surveys offline, syncing data once connectivity is restored. This offline capability is vital in areas with limited internet access. Additionally, the website offers valuable resources for visitors, providing insights into Babies Count’s mission and activities. The solution focuses on user needs, accessibility, and efficient data management.


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