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We treat every client as the only one we work with. That has been the difference maker for us as we strongly believe if the client doesn’t win, we don’t win. We have fun working with the challenges our clients present as we know from the bottom of our heart that we can create that edge that they deserve in the business they are in.

Presented here are few of the client work we have done to show you how we delivered that leading edge against their competition using our technical competency and vertical domain expertise.

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Raj Joseph - April 11, 2018

Conversational Design – A date with Watson Conversational chatbot

I don’t know about you guys…but sometimes I feel when I have conversations with folks, I tend to think how the hell did I get into this as either the conversation has got into something I didn’t intend to or the other person has no clue of what Iam talking to.LOL! When I feel that…

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Compare ChatBot Platforms

Raj Joseph - February 28, 2018

Chatbot – Comparison of platforms

With everyone raging to adopt chatbots in different use cases to aid better customer experience, one of the challenge from a technology is which framework to build the chatbot on? Ofcourse custom and building from scratch is always an option however it would help if the process of development could be bootstrapped with the help…

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Recruitment process

admin - October 6, 2017

Recruiting Process Outdated!

After years of recruiting candidates both in U.S and globally, I feel the whole process of recruiting is broken. Our reliance on technology without any relevance of the company values and belief systems, following mindless procedures and interviews, filling up forms just to get to the next stage is crazy! Even when you feel you…

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Digital transformation in HR

admin - September 7, 2017

The Future of Recruitment Business – Digital Transformation

Finding and recruiting the best talent remains the greatest cause of concern for any recruiter today. In fact, the demand for skilled labor exceeds the availability and supply of candidates, who are actively looking for an opportunity. This dilemma highlights the need for having a robust system in place, which is only possible with the…

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Digital transformation in manufacturing

admin - September 5, 2017

Why manufacturing industry needs digital transformation?

In the era of technological evolution and advancement, no business or manufacturer can solely take all orders by phone and then keep updating the inventory manually, or use a printed map to find their destination. Digital transformation certainly plays a significant role in the regular operations of modernized companies. The major cause for this transformation…

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Digital Transformation company

admin - June 28, 2017

How Digital transformation in retail sector makes you different from your rivals?

Defining Digital transformation Digital transformation is real and is here to stay! In fact, technology is now an inseparable part of all consumer-oriented industries and retail is no exception. Today’s consumer has become extremely demanding and seeks personalization, tailor-made solutions as well as seamless interaction across all possible channels. For the same reason, the 2017’s…

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Internet of Things

admin - June 6, 2017

How IOT and data analytics plays a crucial role in finance sector?

The definition of IoT and Data analytics within financial services The Internet of Things (IoT) is thriving and there are astounding statistics that indicate that it is no less than a “third industrial revolution.” The scenario immediately reflects the dramatic effects of IoT on various industries such as retail, manufacturing, transportation, and energy, and surprisingly,…

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Data based insights

admin - May 3, 2017

How data-based insights help you retain valuable customers and increase revenue in telecom industry?

What is big data analytics? Big data has assumed a significant role for the success and growth of a company. The only challenge, however, is to use it optimally to improvise the business processes in such a way that you get desired performance from business and data thus collected. The need of the hour is…

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Big Data

admin - April 27, 2017

Capitalize on Big Data with Advanced Analytics in Retail Sector

What is big data with advanced analytics? There are pertinent reasons why big data and analytics have become inherently important for corporate success. When used optimally, together they can transform the way many organizations do business, and deliver performance improvements, which are hard to visualize in their absence. No wonder, organizations have been focusing on…

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