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Google’s ‘The Zero Moment of truth macro study’ indicates that 88% of consumers research before they buy a product, be it in-store or online. Consumers are reaching out to various social media platforms to know more about the brands, and this has forced Marketers to leverage digital platforms for better outreach. Product marketers need to have a better strategy to deliver a variety of high-quality content across multiple channels – catering to many prospects and customer audiences. Consumers are demanding more personalized and engaging content that can help them with their decision-making process. Gen AI enables marketers to deliver on this promise while driving cost savings, speed to market, and workflow efficiency.  

Marketing teams often face a budget and resource constraints for maintaining the level of demand needed across each group at scale. Personalization and amplification of content further complicate matters by requiring the creation of various versions of content assets tailored to different audiences across numerous marketing channels. 

To improve demand generation, marketers may incorporate atomic content into their content strategy, plus leverage Gen AI technology to automate and scale personalization and amplification efforts. 

Aligning Content Strategy for better outreach

Contents are the primary deciding factor that can empower users to take the right decision. Tailored content was the third most cited in Gartner’s 2022 Technology Buying Behavior Survey of buyers in midsize to large organizations, when asked what type of information was most valuable when making a final decision. A closer look at the data for buyers whose purchases met Gartner’s high-quality deal (HQD) criteria shows that tailored (or personalized) content was deemed to be the single most valuable content type among the 12 types of content considered in the survey.  

Content creation and production are the most time-consuming process while supporting demand generation. The complexity of customizing and magnifying content appropriately becomes more pronounced as the stakes rise and marketers bears the responsibility of tailoring content to suit the intended audience and the marketing channels. 

A manual content atomization process may involve not only coordinating with other teams (like digital marketing, design and compliance), but doing so repeatedly with every spin-off version of an asset. Although atomic content facilitates the identification of content segments ideal for personalization and broadens the reach of your content to better align with your target audience’s needs, executing it at scale demands meticulous planning and potentially increased time and resources, if feasible at all. 

Gen AI to Automate Content Personalization

Gen AI will empower you to automate content personalization and amplification approach. It can augment the existing human creativity in content marketing and significantly impact marketers’s productivity.   

Gartner reports about 49% of technology providers are currently implementing or planning to implement Generative AI Platform for content marketing. 

Source: Gartner

Technology and service providers must take caution when using generative AI tools, including pure play solutions and integrated services. 

Through AI-generated content, companies can achieve large-scale creative generation across various content formats and desired campaign objectives. This capability enables brands to effectively convey tailored messages through appropriate channels and timing to their target audiences, thereby optimizing brand impact and fostering sustainable growth. 


Marketers across various sectors must expand their reach to broader audiences while targeting smaller, more tailored customer segments through an increased array of touch points. The digital avenues and elements facilitating personalization are continually expanding both in number and intricacy. Intellectyx, a trailblazer in the fields of data science and Artificial Intelligence, is dedicated to enabling organizations to optimize tangible returns on investment from our Generative AI Services (Gen AI). Through collaboration with Intellectyx, organizations can unleash the complete potential of their data, make well-informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately propel business expansion. 

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