admin - November 15, 2019

Spark vs Hadoop: Which is the Best Big Data Framework?

In this article, we will discuss Spark vs Hadoop: Which is the Best Big Data Framework? We will discuss everything related to spark and hadoop framework

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admin - October 20, 2019

Data Warehousing in the Cloud: Amazon Redshift vs Microsoft Azure SQL

These days, firms have larger data pools aggregated from diverse sources more than ever before. This straddles a diverse array of sources, covering cloud-oriented apps, or even firm data markets. In pursuance of making a sound decision, obtain insights and attain a competitive edge, companies must correctly interpret their data in due time. The traditional…

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admin - September 9, 2019

How a Data Lake Positively Impacts Your Business?

With the rapid advancement in technology all over the world, so many business owners are now in search of a better way to ensure that organizational data and information are kept safe and organized. One way through which businesses are doing this is through the use of Data Lakes, which helps to create a centralized…

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machine learning for smart manufacturing

Raj Joseph - July 9, 2019

Machine Learning Techniques for Smart Manufacturing: Applications and Challenges in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is now underway, changing the traditional manufacturing processes into smart manufacturing and creating new opportunities where machines can understand the involved processes, interact with the environment, and adapt to their behavior. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are making machines in the manufacturing industry smarter than before by addressing how to build computers that…

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artificial Intelligence in healthcare industry

Raj Joseph - July 3, 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare industry: How AI Is Shaping The Future Of Healthcare Industry

Innovations in science and technology have changed the way services, and products are delivered across different sectors, and the healthcare sector is no different. In recent times, artificial intelligence (AI) has received a warm welcome in the healthcare industry. We consider how artificial intelligence has framed service delivery in the healthcare industry. We consider the…

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Machine Learning In Retail Sector- Benefits, Use Case Explained

Raj Joseph - June 17, 2019

Machine Learning In Retail Sector: Benefits, Use Case Explained

Before Artificial Intelligence and machine learning retailers relied on data-driven decisions for the success of their businesses. Thanks to AI and machine learning retailers can now track their customers’ purchase trends through data sources like loyalty programs, purchase history, CRM databases, social media activity, market trends, and consumer demands. The role of machine learning in…

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healthcare data lake

Raj Joseph - June 13, 2019

How to Approach Building a Healthcare Data Lake Roadmap

In recent times, it has been proven that data drive the client-focused healthcare which global healthcare leaders strive for. Healthcare organizations collect a lot of data which can be appropriately stored, managed and analyzed towards the provision of high-quality care. In this post, you will learn how to approach building a healthcare data lake. You should…

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marketing datawarehouse benefits

Lily Caroline - June 8, 2019

13 Benefits Of Marketing Data Warehouse

When I’m talking about data in this blog, I refer to petabytes. One petabyte is equal to 500 billion pages. It can comprise of standard, printed text, data produced by digital or mechanical devices, IoT enabled devices or also from people using websites, online gaming, banking and softwareapplication. All Marketing Organizations have one simple goal – to amass vast majority of sales opportunities. This can be done using data-driven strategies,…

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buyer guide to data warehouse

Raj Joseph - May 28, 2019

A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting Data warehouse platform, software or tool

Introduction The importance of data warehouse platforms to every organization cannot be overemphasized. A data warehouse is a centralized store for all data generated by different departments in an organization. A data warehouse platform enables an organization to analyze its historical data overtime and provide users with multiple views of information in an easy to…

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