DevOps is a service created to ensure that available technologies and tools are applied in the best forms and at the most effective rates. The IntellectyxDevOps team thus serve purposes which include the following:

Improved software delivery: Our DevOps team develops solutions that allow the maximum application of existing software. The integration of DevOps solutions ensures that activities controlled by digital tools function optimally with little to no systemic lag. DevOps solutions are thus developed at a systemic level for smooth application of digital tool and processes.

Enhanced efficiency of business operations: The software runs a lot of the processes that determine the speed of business operations. The integration of software for different purposes is necessary to shorten the time it takes for a product to get to the end-user.

Collaborative operations: DevOps solutions are tailored towards enhanced collaboration across the different departments and sections of an organization. When interactions are seamless, which is the purpose of DevOps solutions, productivity is enhanced, and minimal lag is experienced.

Software quality enhancement: DevOps solutions are tailored to improve the quality of software applied in the automation of different business processes. Software strategy of organizations could be ineffective when proper measures are not implemented. DevOps solutions ensure the seamless application of software strategy.

How Intellectyx DevOps services work

Our DevOps process unfolds in phases which include the following.

Analysis: In the analysis phase, existing software infrastructure and solutions are analyzed to discover the processes and tools hindering the seamless application of software strategy. The analysis phase involves a thorough end-to-end process of identifying stumbling blocks against the application of the developed software strategy.

Design: After the identification of the stumbling blocks, a solution is proposed. Our DevOps team presents the full details of this solution, including the size of the team, the duration of the operation, and the budget for the solution. Before DevOps solutions are deployed, the client approved is gotten.

Implementation: The solution, as approved by the client, is then deployed. DevOps teams apply the latest tools and technologies in ensuring that the software infrastructure is aligned for maximum efficiency. The solution implemented is guided by the goals and values of the organization.

Support: To ensure that the software infrastructure aligns with goals developed during the design phase, a timeline of support is established. During this period, a team of DevOps engineers is assigned to provide support until the system becomes fully operational.

DevOps services ensure that organizations reap the full benefits of software infrastructure. IntellectyxdevOps teams are the team to trust.

Every aspect of our DevOps services is aimed at efficient business operations. Reach out to us to discuss that DevOps need.