Mobile Development

Mobile Development


Mobile Development

To ensure customers satisfaction, a lot of organizations have improved the mobility of products and services: mobile application play a critical role in this process. Mobile apps are necessary for providing the best value to modern customers and clients of organizations.

At Intellectyx, we provide organizations across the different sectors with the tools required for catering to the needs of modern customers. Mobile app development powers the mobile strategy of organizations. We develop mobile apps, applying a wealth of skills and experience, to achieve objectives such as enhanced mobility and improved management of big data. Put in the simplest terms, the mobile app development team of Intellectyx is committed to helping organizations create and deploy the best mobile strategy.

Our mobile app development services are aimed at developing custom solutions with different features. These custom solutions could include mobile applications with pre-made modules as well as applications with an enterprise suite. Even with the pre-made modules, all mobile apps are still customized to the needs of the client and the industry.

The security and efficiency of mobile applications developed by Intellectyx are also guaranteed with the application of technologies such as blockchain technology and augmented reality. Our mobile applications are designed to power major business operations.

Intellectyx develops industry-specific mobile apps with features that power peculiar operations within these industries. Our mobile application development services also include enterprise app development, which allows organizations to make a bilk of operations mobile.

Technologies applied by Intellectyx mobile development team
  • Blockchain technology
  • Fintech
  • Augmented reality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The internet of things
The expertise of our mobile app development team includes the development of native and cross-platform mobile applications which include the following
  • Android app development
  • Hybrid app development
  • iOS app development
  • Native app development
Phases of Intellectyx mobile app development processes

Draft: The draft phase is the initial phase, which begins with interactions with the client to understand the specific need of the client. An idea is also borne during this phase. This idea is presented to the client, and the required tools and teams for birthing the idea are assembled.

Build: The build phase is the development and testing phase, where the idea is birthed applying the latest and most efficient tools. Our team of mobile development experts turn the idea into the required solution and test the solution birthed.

Support: Our services do not end in the deployment of mobile application solutions. We also provide the required solution for ensuring the smooth running of the apps with the most minimal downtime.

Every aspect of our mobile app development services is aimed at efficient business operations. Reach out to us to discuss that mobile app development need.