Digital Services


At Intellectyx, we strongly believe technology as a tool and success is primarily dictated by the use of right technology, and for what purpose (use case) – which is all primarily driven by the strategy to tactical execution. In order to make any enterprise digitally mature, success completely relies on the digital strategy – the scope and objective that aligns with a business goal. Focusing on individual technology or the next latest trend doesn’t necessarily result in any transformation. As part of digital strategy, we focus on transforming the businesses by carefully analyzing all processes, current and future state of the customer experience, identifying current mix of assets, complete inventory of organization’s assets and related business model. This helps us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches followed by the businesses and identify the long-term habits that need to change for transforming business.

Some of the use cases currently involved are
  • Digital Mobile Strategy aided with Geolocation for a contingent workforce business solution
  • An automated “smart” strategy that enabled DevOps to NoOps environment without any human intervention.
  • Comprehensive help desk system digitization to aid in prioritization, productivity with the right use of humans and machines (AI)
Digital strategy drives digital maturity and are considerably risk averse.