Top 8 Best AI Powered Chatbot Apps of 2019

You perhaps have heard about chatbots before now. Well, a chatbot is a unique computer program that makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to converse with human beings via audio speeches or printed text inputs.
Programmers made chatbots to imitate how human talk. These days, several brands are beginning to accept chatbots as veritable means of talking to their clients and selling their products.

In today’s world, chatbots have become quite common, probably because of the sophisticated technologies and machine learning. Chatbots assists in developing business brands and offering the best customer experience.
What distinguishes Artificial Intelligence chatbots from everyday chatbots is the possibility of understanding things about its users based on data patterns. Even without any form of training, AI-based chatbots can thereafter extrapolate the pattern studied to solve related issues. This power confers the “intelligence” to undertake serious tasks, resolve issues, and process details without human involvement.

Of course, AI is the new thing the future of virtual marketing will experience. Quite a number of businesses are already embracing the use of AI enabled chatbots in their marketing approaches. At present there are various types of AI enabled chatbot apps used by different firms, here are our top 8


ManyChat is a common AI chatbot app because it is very fast and run popular apps like Facebook Messenger bots. It is great for beginners in the AI chatbot industry as it comes with a free account that gives unconstrained broadcasts, two orders, and some tiers of branding. For paid versions, the rate starts at $10 each month for contacts with 500 members, and this increase to $145 each month when users are as much as 25,000. ManyChat is the choice bot provider Facebook Messenger uses for undertaking marketing, electronic commerce, and user support.

ManyChat is developed to promote sales and business marketing, distribute products, schedule appointments, nurse leads, obtain contact details and as well develop relationship all via Messenger. ManyChat is developed to be simple in operation such that you can set up a bot in a few minutes. You can begin with a template targeted at your business or customize your personal bot under few minutes using ManyChat’s easy to use drag-and-drop interface. The greatest demerit of ManyChat is that it is restricted to the Facebook app alone.

Nevertheless, Facebook Messenger ranks among the most applied bots by developers. Facebook parades up to 2.25 billion active participants per month, so, the chances are high that the customers you seek for your business are already there, waiting for you.You can begin by building a bot for free less than 2 minutes without using any programming code. If you make use of a drag and drop developer, you can initiate conversations, replies, and have your vital settings customized in a matter of minutes. Join Facebook, and you can hit the ground running and swift with pre-programmed sales funnel and list developer.


PandoraBots is an AI Chat app with an API (Application Programming Interface) that offers users or programmers the ability to use the bot anywhere. This takes the chat session outside Facebook and extends it any social media network or use scenario. PandoraBots is an Artificial Intelligence platform that features more than four hundred thousand (400,000) developers, 300,000 bots as well as 60 billion messages forwarded. You can begin for free with as little as just 1,000 messages in a month.

The developer network bills $0.0025 cents for messages with as much as ten bots and 100,000 messages in each month. For higher messages, it takes a custom enterprise pricing system. There is a number of the user-centered add-on on PandoraBots; however, as a result of the way the APIs and integrations are structured, PandoraBots performs better for seasoned computer users and programmers.


Chatfuel works well with the duo of Facebook Messenger and Telegram. However, the most often use case for Chatfuel is probably Facebook, because its custom Facebook Messenger features over 1 billion users which surpass the 200 million that Telegram has. Chatfuel make use of templates to set up your bots swiftly. With a free basic Chatfuel account, you can host about a thousand (1000) subscribers.

Paid accounts begin at $15 subscription fee each month with a Pro subscription and $300 every month for the Premium subscription, where users get access to more users, tagged customizing and enhanced support. Chatfuel is quiet easy to use, with just a single click on a link to the Facebook address, an empty template pops up on the screen. The next thing will be to build the sequences and get it off and running in no distant time.

HubSpotChatbot Builder (Initially

This would rank as the top AI chatbot for 2019 with flowchart-pattern setup. Once referred to as, this AI Chatbot works well with Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, Electronic mail, and websites, it is an easily adaptable and dynamic AI Chatbot network that is directed towards visual staff. If you are a project manager, you will see this platform as simple and easy-to-use. HubSpot presents its Chatbot developer as a tool in the bigger Marketing Hub system that straddles a lot of details.

The basic account comes free, and offers include a $50 per month start package, it also has $800 per month professional package as well as over $3,200 enterprise plan. If you plan to have all of your marketing activities Chatbot inclusive, hosted on just a single platform, HubSpot is an AI chatbot to consider.


This Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is the most ideal for multiple platforms. For the majority of coders, “sequel” is just for database network. Centered on storytelling and editorial details, regular needs for virtual marketers, Sequel chatbot is good for a broad spectrum of platforms. These include but not limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, Viber, and the likes.

Beginner users can start with pre-developed bot templates, and they are good for a large array of instances, such as influencers, publishers, and in fact, developing your custom interactive game or quiz. The platform can be used at zero cost. However, it charges for extra value-giving services and add-ons through the Sequel Store. Sequel AI chatbot makes a very low-risk platform for new users, as it allows users to carry out their activities for free. Nevertheless, pricing is nebulous as pertaining to what it might cost one to have the extra features from the store.


ChatBot is yet another interesting chatbot app development platform which has the best features. This is an AI chatbot tool that assists you in developing bots to automate your customer service demands. It incorporates a number of tools such as LiveChat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter. The account comes with a 14-day free session and subsequently, the charges are $50 each month for up to 1000 chats.


Extra chats are charged at 1 cent per chat.

Incorporating the offers incredible strength to your bot. Such features include non-stop customer service, spam checkers, and automatic replies for programmable instances. Should a person get stuck, you can swap the chat to living human without any time wastage. This calls for an external account, though. Peradventure you need help on how to use; features a professional marketplace with experts who can assist you in developing and enhancing your customized chatbot. A lot of applications make a DIY chatbot simple enough. Nevertheless, understanding that you can get a professional to hire offers a plan B should something go contrary to what you map out originally.

SAP Conversational AI (initially Recast AI)

This is the most advisable AI chatbot for enterprise users. Recast.AI was brought up by SAP, it ranks among the biggest enterprise software firm globally, and it evolved into another name SAP Conversational AI through the change. SAP bot is best suited for enterprise-based reporting and analysis to develop and incorporate your bot. SAP developer offer links to almost all the chat forums you will like to connect to. These include but not limited to Facebook, Skype, Slack, Telegram, amongst others.

It presents vast developer facilities and variability to satisfy almost any use scenario. You can develop countless bots at zero cost with as much as three requests each second. Should your company demand a higher request per second, you might need to contact some of the SAP sales agents for a unique price quotation.


Botsify, is the best hybrid AI chatbot that effectively combines bot and human support. Botsify is designed to assist you in commencing your customer service using a bot and a swap to human support partner should the bot have issues. It is an AI chatbot for the website you will like. Botsify AI chatbot charges $50 every month for the Pro subscription upon the expiration of the 2-weeks free trial session.

The discount you get yearly if you subscribe for a complete 12-month Pro subscription in advance. This subscription comes with limitless response questions with non-stop support service open to users. Botsify will offer you a broad array of alternatives with incorporations for Facebook, Slack, and the firm’s website. It equally presents an educational network which is right for tutors and educational institutes to relate with students in a special way. Take a look at some of the templates should you need a simple way to starting up.

Just as you can observe, chatbots are very good assistance for daily tasks. It can reduce and buy you a lot of time. It requires no special launch of any applications or accessing the internet. You can get instant quality advice with just a bot. A number of chatbots are available on common messaging platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Slack, and so on. You have the opportunity to select one or more of the ideal chatbot apps that you will need.

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