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customer insights
Raj Joseph

Raj Joseph - August 18, 2011

How well do you know your customer?

For retailers of all types and sizes, gaining insight into consumer preferences, needs and decision making processes is critical. Consumers can be fickle; being fiercely brand loyal when it comes to certain purchases, extremely value conscience when purchasing a new product and yet impulsive when it comes to another purchase. Today’s companies need the following…

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Raj Joseph

Raj Joseph - August 1, 2011

Do you got Intellectyx-bility?

Companies are constantly forced to change the way they do business with customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and any other business interfaces. To succeed in a constantly evolving marketplace, any company needs system with Intellectyx-bility. Well, what we call “Intellectyx-bility” are nothing but a set of features that are critical for any enterprise / B2B applications….

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Raj Joseph

Raj Joseph - June 17, 2011

Things to remember when selecting a domain name

Here are few tips when it comes to domain name selection Keep it short – This will enable your target market to remember the website, company name and also avoid misspellings. No hyphenations please – At all cost avoid website names with special characters such as hyphens, underscore etc., Also avoid naming websites with words…

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clinical data
Lily Caroline

Lily Caroline - May 6, 2011

Competitive Intelligence Automated

Gathering, analyzing, and applying superior competitive intelligence is one of the most critical factors in any successful business operation. Continuous monitoring about your competitors is essential to stay alive in the market place and in reducing response time to competitor moves. However the process of getting access to those data could be challenging, manual, and time…

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business intelligence
Lily Caroline

Lily Caroline - February 16, 2011

What is Rapid Fire Business Intelligence?

Rapid-fire BI is a new approach to providing true business intelligence delivering dramatically better business results. While traditional BI platforms perfected scheduled, parameterized reports, they do not do what they now espouse: provide self-service business intelligence. Below are some of the attributes of Rapid Fire Business Intelligence User-Driven Approach Analytics and reporting are decentralized and…

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Lily Caroline

Lily Caroline - February 9, 2011

Pentaho – Open source BI

As part of a new initiative, we are working on developing real time dashboards using an open source BI engine – Pentaho. Pentaho provide immediate insight into individual, departmental, or enterprise performance. By delivering key metrics in an attractive and intuitive visual interface, Pentaho gives business users the critical information they need to understand and…

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health care
Shanmuga pragash

Shanmuga pragash - June 9, 2010

Drivers of Healthcare Business Intelligence

Below are the findings based on a research done to determine the views of senior executives at larger healthcare organizations. The healthcare organizations participated in the research were: Denver Health and Hospital Authority Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust Hartford Hospital Nemours Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto University Health Network

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Lily Caroline

Lily Caroline - June 6, 2010

Magic Quadrants for Business Intelligence Platform

According to Gartner’s annual survey of CIO technology priorities, BI remained among the top five priorities in 2009 (and it was No. 1 in each of the previous four years). That said, however, the recession, commoditization and consolidation are expected to reduce BI platform growth from more than 20% in 2008 to single digits in…

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