What is data visualization and why it matters for your business?

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Data visualization refers to the presentation of data in a graphical or pictorial format. It helps the decision makers to understand analytics visually and they can identify new patterns and grasp difficult concepts that would be difficult to understand otherwise.

Interactive data visualization – One step closer to clarity

Today, you can have interactive data visualization that takes the concept a step further and allows the decision makers to drill down into graphs and charts for more details. The interactive visualization offers a different types of visualization chart that makes traditional data exploration much easier by making chart more interactive. It also helps in better understanding of multidimensional data by allowing the user to see how data changes with the changing factors and how it is processed. Interactive visualization uses geographic maps, heat maps, link charts and a wide range of special purpose visualizations that are linked to underlying analytics and related processes.

Why data visualization important for your business?

Real-time, situational and contextual data visualization provides businesses with tactical, strategic and operational data that becomes foundation for important business decisions. When an organization begins to trend contextual data, it is able to define KPIs and use the metrics to make decisions on a daily basis or decisions that will help the organization to operate more efficiently in immediate future.
A large number of enterprises use big data and has developed technical capabilities to process and analyze data. But presenting data has always been a critical issue. With typical analytics presenting only 2-3 KPIs, even business managers may not know which key performance indicators to track. Data visualization seeks to recognize, format, manipulate and present data in a way that helps user to communicate its meaning optimally.
The importance of data visualization is also important as the way our brain processes information. It is easier to visualize a large amount of complex data in form of charts and graphs than poring over lengthy reports and spreadsheets. Data visualization is the quickest and easiest way to convey concepts that can be even understood by a novice.

Benefits of data visualization

With so many visualizations options, you can always create a different scenario by making small adjustments. Data visualization can be useful to enterprises in many ways.

  • Recognize areas that need attention or improvement
  • Predict sales volume
  • identify factors that influence customer behavior
  • helps you in product placements

Unless you have a specific point in the data to identify a trend, the data has no or very less value to the enterprise. The old adage is true- the picture is worth 1000 words and that holds true to data visualization. To get most of big data and analytics, use the data visualization services and see the data speak to you in volumes about important things in your business. Request a Demo or Reach us @ 720-360-0686

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