Chatbot – Comparison of platforms

Compare ChatBot Platforms

With everyone raging to adopt chatbots in different use cases to aid better customer experience, one of the challenge from a technology is which framework to build the chatbot on? Ofcourse custom and building from scratch is always an option however it would help if the process of development could be bootstrapped with the help of a platform or a framework that comes with pre-built features. Here is my take on the various chatbot platforms that are available and I will try to keep as much as updated as possible.

Dimensions Amazon Lex Google DialogFlow IBM Watson Microsoft LUIS
Ease of Use Uses speech language support similar to NLU Create rich custom UI and communicate using RESTful services via webhooks

Can be mixed with angular frontend and that provides flexibility

Complex given it has to fit within the IBM stack of products/suites and standards. No single API and no service to manage the conversation Deployment as HTTP endpoints and ability to converse as JSON is super helpful.

Natural language support is good similar to the one in powerbi

Voice Integration with Alexa is good

Ability to use skillsets from Alexa and mange is super helpful.

Google Assistant / Home – not as good as alexa Blends with Alexa skills Lacks voice capabilities and is not as good as its peers
Documentation Basic Basic Basic Basic
Validation Lambda integration helps Cannot block matches to context from intent Comes with very minimal validation

Has personality insights which is kinda cool

Has minimal validation functions
Prebuilt  AWS interoperability and ability to scale with EC2 instances Has prebuilt entities similar to LUIS Prebuilt models Entities such as location, money, age, date-time
Pricing $.004 for voice

$$0.00075 for text

$0.0065 per 15 second

$0.002 per request

The highest price in this category

0.0025 for text $0.00075 for text
Platform Integration Support Facebook, Slack, Twilio

No messenger support

Microsoft Cortana, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Amazon Alexa, Twitter, Kik, Line, Cisco Spark, Cisco Tropo, Twilio and Twilio IP

Please note it can talk with Alexa

Openwhisk, salesforce, swift, unity Facebook, Slack, Twilio, Email, Bing, Cortana to mention a few

Messenger and Skype support is helpful

Integrates with Dynamics CRM

Language Support English English, French, Dutch, Russian, Ukranian, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese,Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese English, Japanese English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
Programming Java, JavaScript, Python, CLI, .NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Go, and CPP. Android, iOS, Cordova, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, C#.NET, Unity, Xamarian, C++, Python, Ruby, Java, Espon Moverio, Botkit and PHP Node SDK, Java SDK, Python SDK, iOS SDK, Unity SDK C# SDK, Python SDK, Node JS SDK, Android SDK

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