Do you got Intellectyx-bility?


Companies are constantly forced to change the way they do business with customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and any other business interfaces. To succeed in a constantly evolving marketplace, any company needs system with Intellectyx-bility. Well, what we call “Intellectyx-bility” are nothing but a set of features that are critical for any enterprise / B2B applications.

They are as follows

Scalability – Applications need multiple deployment option and the ability to accept increased business volume without much impacts.
Availability – Gone are the days of SLE (Service Level Expectations)! Customer demand systems that are capable of handling 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreements  excluding scheduled downtimes.
Manageability – A great system is not that is designed with complex engineering designs but that could be easily managed gloablly and comes with rich analysis, administration featuers
Extensibility – Application architectures might be aligned with both industry , enterprise standards and business roadmap. More importantly applications must be built for expanding/enhancing the system with new capabilities without having to make major changes.
Adaptibility – Applications have to be adaptive to allow for development of new requirements without considerable change in the shortest time possible.
Maintainability – A process has to be in place to ensure that minimal code changes are required to support.
Well, do you got Intellectyx-bility?

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