Find your customer insights using customer 360° analytics

customer 360 analytics

Businesses are seeking for the ways to increase their sales and to advertise their product with affordable cost. Todays technology has enabled us to collect huge piles of business-centric data with prospect demographics, user preference data, and transactional data. More of such data means deeper customer insights which help businesses to collect, analyze, and develop data into actionable insights. It allows organizations to uncover opportunities that help in improving customer service and sales. To achieve a competitive edge, businesses need the innovative technology to transform their customer insights into information. 360° analytics from Intellectyx encourages businesses to rely on their experience and intuition while making decisions.

Making data analytics work for you

Analytics is not easy, as the data needs to be clean, accurate, complete, consistent and uniform even when coming from different sources. Only 360° analytics solution has the capability to extract meaningful insights from large volumes of unstructured data. Intellectyx 360° analytics provides four different forms of analytics that help in examining raw data and optimizing the data for making better business decisions. The 360°analytics include: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics. These analytics helps to recognize every pattern or trend that is visible in your multi-structure data and develop a right analytics process accordingly. Using the 360°analytics, decision makers will get visibility of everything, such as:
• What happened? (Descriptive)
• Why did it happen? (Diagnostic)
• What’s happening now?(Predictive)
• What will happen next?(Prescriptive)

How can 360°analytics help you?
To make the right decisions, decision makers need to have 360° views over their customer behavior across all channels. The 360° analytics gives businesses to grasp customer insights and develop strategies for attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. Theses value-added features facilitate the decision makers to improve their decision. Some of the use cases of 360° analytics are:
• Strategy creation helps in deployment of service excellence
• Customer segmentation, gives more clear customer value analytics that helps in determining right promotional strategies
• Gives definite direction in prospect targeting and helps to uncover all up-sell and cross-sell opportunities through sales force alignment
• Reduces customer churn and helps in defining customer loyalty parameters effectively
• Enables efficient use of resources to offer excellent customer support and retention

The customer 360°analytics from Intellectyx can help you in:
• Increasing sales from current customers
• Generate a higher return on promotional investments and marketing
• Reduce new customer acquisition costs
• Increase effectiveness of sales force by efficiently targeting qualified prospects
• Resolve customer service problems or avoid them altogether

Customer 360° analytics giving greater value
The 360° analytics solution from Intellectyx allows you to step into your customers shoes and gain insights. Leaving customer analytics is similar to ignoring a large amount of customer data that is shouting at you about its usefulness to know the customers behavior. The 360° analytics give you the ability to look beyond the past model and visualize the future with real-time personalization that can push the customer to completing the transaction.

The 360° analytics solution helps you to view all crucial information pertaining to a customer at one place, control and use the big data produced due to digital footprints of the customers and thus creating a set of services that helps you exceed customer’s expectations. Don’t lose any opportunity to connect with your customer, get 360° analytical solutions and read your customer mind.

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