How well do you know your customer?

customer insights

For retailers of all types and sizes, gaining insight into consumer preferences, needs and decision making processes is critical. Consumers can be fickle; being fiercely brand loyal when it comes to certain purchases, extremely value conscience when purchasing a new product and yet impulsive when it comes to another purchase.

Today’s companies need the following information:

Understanding what drives customers buy from you. Is it pricing, quality, or accessibility?

Target marketing efforts; make the most of your time by marketing the correct product to the correct customer.

Identify new selling opportunitie’s cross promotion on products.

Proper inventory for your customer base; reduce excess cash flow needs and improve your reputation by being on time with your orders.

These are all items that need to be addressed when you are running a business. Customer intelligence is one of the most import aspects of your business and a cornerstone to your competitive advantage.


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