Recruiting Process Outdated!

Recruitment process

After years of recruiting candidates both in U.S and globally, I feel the whole process of recruiting is broken. Our reliance on technology without any relevance of the company values and belief systems, following mindless procedures and interviews, filling up forms just to get to the next stage is crazy! Even when you feel you got the best hires, sometimes it turns out to be a disaster or you lose your best talent for some company that gives more compensation or benefits. Lately I have been doing more research in this area of recruiting on how to digital transform, having conversations after conversations on this exact topic with different employers, leaders of global organizations, Peers and friends of mine. Majority of the them seem to share the same sentiments 🙁 I feel we are still following a recruiting process which is ages old and isn’t applicable to an era which has more than almost four generations of folks with a mix of work preferences. No one company today is same as the other as it highly varies based on building blocks of the company such as why the company exists, why the leaders believe in what they believe, why the consumers buy what is being sold? Even two companies selling the same exact product next to each other under the same shelf is very different when it comes to the quality of the people who are behind that making . I feel its time to throw this age old process and move on.

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