The Future of Recruitment Business – Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in HR

Finding and recruiting the best talent remains the greatest cause of concern for any recruiter today. In fact, the demand for skilled labor exceeds the availability and supply of candidates, who are actively looking for an opportunity. This dilemma highlights the need for having a robust system in place, which is only possible with the use of new digital technologies that help them reach out to the right, potential candidates in the shortest span of time. The second crucial aspect is to build a culture in which on-demand workers and employees can coexist and work more efficiently. Let’s first evaluate the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to recruiting the right candidates.

Challenges faced in today’s recruitment world:

  • Skills crunch

Identifying and attracting the right candidates with required digital skills remains the greatest challenge faced by recruitment businesses. As per the figure given below, around 73 percent of CEO’s feel that the lack of skilled workforce is a direct threat to their business while 81% accept that they are looking for a broader mix of skills when hiring for the firm.


  • Attracting and retaining talented workforce

It is important for a firm to attract as well as retain the talent. The first step in this direction involves listening to what employees say about the firm, both externally as well as internally. It is important to take these sentiments into account and ensure organizations observe appropriate discussions on various social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Glassdoor. Various studies indicate that referred workforce stays longer and performs better. Thus, it is important for organizations to focus on incentivizing their workforce for using online social media networks to refer potential employees.

What are the Solutions?

  • Creating a workforce with digital skills

Considering the existing and future talent workforce dearth, organizations must develop the desired skills in-house. This can be done by making training a crucial component of talent development strategy. To achieve the objective of having highly efficient workforce, organization should aim at developing the required competencies using different techniques and strategies. Another technique is to hunt for hidden talent by regularly evaluating the competencies of employees against the skills that are in demand. Lastly, organizations should aim at bringing new talent into the organization by recruiting digital leaders.

  • Transforming leadership into digital world

It is important for leaders to recruit people, who have digital mindsets and are willing to confront the status quo. In addition, organizations should engage such individuals across all levels in order to bring real change. The organizations must do away from a risk-averse outlook and accept failures with grace. In fact, they should encourage their employees to take greater risks. A recent example is of GE, which engaged 500 coaches ‘to train executives to embrace concepts like risk taking and learning from failure.”

  • Fostering digital culture in the company

Building and maintaining employee-friendly culture is the need of the hour. The organizations must vigorously work towards establishing a culture with shared views, values and mindsets which influence the behaviors of its employees. The organizations should give the highest importance to communication. Other than having face-to-face conversations, it is important to maintain both sided communication using various digital channels. Just talking about a change is not enough. It is important to continuously monitor the change with the help of effective digital tools such as tracking, feedback surveys, and performance monitoring.

  • Integrating on-demand workforce

Organizations must devise an effective framework of all relevant functions and roles that on-demand staff can assume within the firm. There are diverse online talent platforms to recruit on-demand workers, which help the firms avoid expensive transactions such as legal compliance’s, payroll taxes and pensions.

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