Top Ten Business Intelligence Failures

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When an organization plans to implement an integrated business intelligence solution, there are several cases why a business intelligence project may fail. Knowing these will help to draw an improved plan and thus being able to reach out the goals successfully.

Absence of upfront planning

The slow adoption of methods leading to abandonment of business intelligence projects is caused  by inconsistent implementation, lack of cooperation, absence of executive sponsorship, and inter-departmental conflicts.

Focusing more on license fees instead of total cost

To be successful in BI, a company should consider the professional services cost and infrastructure cost to have an idea on how much true cost will come out.

Should meet certain criteria before implementation

In this process, you should determine if the solution you have in mind is relevant, accurate, consistent and timely. Once your integrated business intelligence project does not meet these criteria, you have to leave it and draw another plan.

Data quality concerns

You should be aware that bad data creates bad decisions.  A number of bad decisions or even one which is critical will lead to distrust and abandonment.

Failure to anticipate change

Here, you should be able to adapt to the changing business environment on an annual basis.  While BI systems evolve continuously, and as users are able to adopt more readily, you should expect that new requirements will come out.

Differences in perception of need

BI can often result to flaws in your business and in order to fix these flaws, you need to have a change and discipline.

One-Stop shopping

If you can offer price incentives, improve your existing relationships with your clients and employees, these will contribute much to your success in BI implementation.

Set up reliable dashboards as a solution

Your dashboards should indicate consistent and reliable figures that flow easily into your organization’s data to show its real value.


Your sets of policies, customer demographics, user demographics, history and business practices are vital things that you should never outsource because they are crucial elements that can ensure the success of your BI project.

Performance Considerations

Make sure that your choice of product will support your volume of data, concurrency and user volume.

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